Name: Hannah “Darcy” Peterson
Age: 37
Occupation: mom and student

Why did you originally start coming to the Garge? To get back into a healthy shape (2015 shape to be exact).

Favorite Garage Tools? My favorite tool is the TRX. I actually thought I’d hate it, and avoided all TRX classes for about a year… but now I love it (even used it on my last trip to Kenya)!

My least favorite tool is the ropes. I look at them as cardio for the arms, and my arms just aren’t up for it.

Something unique about you? I’ve always loved the idea of travel, but had never left North America… but this year I’ve travelled to Africa twice (Rwanda and Kenya), and absolutely love experiencing new cultures and meeting people (and the food is fabulous!) with completely different outlooks on life.

My favorite color is purple, it’s the perfect blend of femininity and masculinity in a color!

Name: Rochelle (49) & Lang (55)
Occupation: both work for PSE
Rochelle: Energy Scheduler
Lang: System Operator

Why did you start working out at the Garage?
Rochelle: I found something new & just what I needed
Lang: needed to get back in shape & Rochelle loves it

What is your favorite tool in the Garage?
Both: favorite: ropes
Lang: least favorite: kettle bell
Rochelle: Ropes are a fav because it’s fun to get rowdy, my least fav tool is probably the tire since it’s not Hobbit size

Tell something unique about you:
Lang loves to hunt upland birds with our dog Kona
Rochelle has a previous career in the spa industry

What is your favorite food?
Lang loves pizza
Rochelle loves Mediterranean food

A Fitness and Wellness Studio ~ Enumclaw, WA 

One question I'm asked a lot by prospective clients, friends, and generally curious people, "Who goes to the Garage?". I believe what they're really asking is "How fit are they? What are their goals? Do they work? Do they have families? How do they manage their time (fitting in a workout)? Do they wear lipstick and dress-up to work out? Do they drink beer? Is anyone a vegan? Are they severely competitive? Are they fun? Are they younger or older? Are they welcoming?" 

Ultimately, what they really want to know is, "WILL I FIT IN?". 

This question has got me thinking, we really need to introduce you to our clients. Let's ask them some questions, post their picture, and you can see how awesome the people of the Garage really are! 

Watch for the series "WHO IS THE GARAGE?", every Monday night featured on The Garage Fitness Enumclaw @ Facebook, Instagram, and our website.